Meet Our Therapists

Mia Ruth, LMHC

Mia Ruth is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the founder and owner of Insight & Action Therapy. She provides psychotherapy services to adolescents, adults, and couples from a variety of backgrounds. 


Following a career in film and television production, Mia decided to combine her interest in identity development with her belief in the possibility for self-betterment and self-discovery through psychotherapy. She is deeply committed to helping individuals and couples understand how their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors impact their perceptions of their lives, selves, and relationships.


Mia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies with a concentration in Cinema and Media Studies from Carleton College in Northfield, MN, and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. She completed her clinical internship at IHI Therapy Center, an award-winning LGBTQ-affirmative psychotherapy center in Manhattan. 


Mia is a professional member of the American Counseling Association and the New York Mental Health Counselors Association. 


Shannon De Ycaza, LMHC


Shannon is a Mental Health Counselor providing therapy for adults, adolescents, and couples. After working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for almost a decade assisting patients and their families, she decided to pursue counseling, aligning her passions of helping others and mental wellness.


Shannon takes a collaborative approach in helping her clients make meaning out of their experiences. She has seen repeatedly how learning more about ourselves, along with having tools and strategies for the future, gives us a sense of agency and empowerment toward healing. She focuses on the relationship she has with her clients and strives to create a safe space for them to be their authentic selves in working towards betterment and fulfillment.


Shannon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Hispanic Studies from Columbia University and a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University. Shannon has completed clinical training for couples counseling from the renowned Gottman Institute, received LGBTQ Safe Zone certification as well as attended training seminars in mindfulness, multiculturalism, grief and bereavement. Additionally, she has been certified by the Seleni Institute, specializing in maternal mental health focusing on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Shannon completed her clinical internship at the Wellness Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, seeing a diverse clientele for intakes and weekly therapy. 


Shannon is a professional member of the American Counseling Association.


Andra Brown, LMHC


Andra is a Mental Health Counselor providing therapy for adults and couples. 


Andra views therapy as a collaborative effort between the therapist and client, while still managing to maintain a strengths-based, client-centered approach. This is done in effort to help clients take the next steps in leading well-balanced and prosperous lives. Andra considers the importance of interpersonal relationships and connections, given that we are all connection-seeking individuals. Andra also operates through a multicultural lens, examining the ways in which culture plays a role in our lives and how we relate to others. 


Andra received a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. She attended Syracuse University as an undergraduate and obtained a dual degree in Psychology and Human Development & Family Science, with a minor in African American Studies. Over the years, she has facilitated groups with women of all backgrounds, and has worked in agencies that catered to vulnerable populations such as homeless women and children; individuals with severe mental disorders; and people of color. Andra has also conducted research on the effects that stigma has on the African American community, and how art interventions can be beneficial. Andra uses her experience and skills as a way to inform her practice, and creates an environment that is beneficial to the growth of her clients, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, SES, religion, or ability. 


Michaela Hyduke, MHC-LP


Michaela is a Mental Health Counselor providing therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples.


She holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, with a concentration in Medical Sociology. Her educational path has given her a comprehensive understanding of humanity and mental health at both the micro and macro-levels. She completed her clinical training at a community mental health clinic where she provided weekly psychotherapy to a diverse clientele. She is especially passionate about women’s issues and the healing of sexual and emotional trauma. 


Michaela understands that feelings are heavy and cultivates a space that allows her to hold these feelings for her clients through collaboration, non-judgment, and a high degree of empathy. Her wellness-centered approach to therapy allows Michaela to develop a comprehensive understanding of how each dimension of a client's life contributes to their suffering, as well as how to facilitate long-lasting change and wholesome growth.


Preet Chowdhary, MHC-LP


Preet is a mental health counselor in New York State. She provides psychotherapy to adults and couples. 


Preet strives to meet her clients with compassion and openness, to accept them as they are, and to develop authentic self-expression by offering a safe, sacred and non judgmental space with the intent of providing deeper awareness as well as enabling growth.


Preet received her Master's degree in Applied Psychology from New York University, she is an alumna of The New School, and she completed her counseling internship at Berkeley College in Manhattan. Having lived in different countries and worked at varied mental health settings with people from diverse age groups and socio-cultural backgrounds, she has experience and training in managing behavioural and mental health issues by understanding the individual-contextual factors of the "self."


Advanced Clinical Interns

Joseline Marin Chacon

JM Photo.jpg

Joseline is a mental health counselor in training in New York State. She operates through a client-centered approach with a multicultural lens. Having grown up undocumented, Joseline understands the importance of one’s cultural background and societal influences.


Joseline holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and is in the process of completing a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling. Over the years she has worked with first-year college students, guiding them in navigating and adjusting to college life. Joseline also has a long history of working and volunteering in activist spaces for the undocumented community as well as other communities.


Joseline values establishing a safe space for clients while cultivating trust in order to help clients reach their therapeutic goals. She uses her experience, academic and life, as a way to inform her practice with the goal of holding space that is welcoming and beneficial to clients from all backgrounds.


Joseline is a student member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association. 


Johnson Ho


Johnson is a Mental Health Counselor in training providing therapy for adults and adolescents from a variety of backgrounds.

Johnson's approach focuses on creating a collaborative therapeutic relationship that is affirmative and non-judgmental. He views psychotherapy as an opportunity to build self-awareness, process difficult emotions, and develop healthy coping strategies. After practicing law and operating a small business for the past decade, Johnson came to understand the importance of mental wellness to address burnout, stagnation, and isolation. He is committed to helping clients seek personal growth and feel connected to their bodies and their communities.

Johnson is currently pursuing a Masters of Education (MSEd) in Mental Health Counseling at Hunter College. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from New York University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.


Insight & Action Therapy
Insight and Action Therapy is a group practice serving adults and couples in the New York City area. We are a diverse group of therapists, each with their own unique identities, experiences, and specialties, including anxiety, depression, LGBTQ concerns, racial and cultural identity concerns, trauma, and more. 
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