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Separation and Divorce Therapy 

Regardless of the circumstances, deciding to end a marriage can be challenging for both parties. The complex nature of divorce leaves individuals with many emotions to navigate as well as practical considerations to think through. 

Insight & Action Therapy provides comprehensive divorce therapy and counseling to support you through the divorce process and help reshift your mindset. Unlike couples therapy, which serves to rekindle the marriage, separation therapy and divorce therapy help reframe your thinking and support you in the next chapter of life.

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Do You Need Separation or Divorce Therapy?

Seeking professional therapy during or after a separation or divorce takes courage. While taking the initial step can be challenging, many people discover there are many benefits to seeking counseling for divorce. Divorce or separation can affect every person differently, leaving some people unsure if they should seek help. If you find yourself struggling to manage your everyday life (including work, school, friendships, family relationships, etc.), seeking divorce support can help.

Divorce therapy can help you to prioritize your self-care and take steps to improve your emotional well-being. Not only is this step important for yourself, but it also helps support those around you (such as children and loved ones) who care about your well-being and rely on you for care. A divorce counselor can help you to:

  • Learn techniques, tips, and tricks to manage negative feelings associated with separation or divorce

  • Discover conflict resolution approaches

  • Understand, recognize, and manage different stages of the divorce or separation process

  • Learn communication skills that can help you in future relationships

  • Provide suggestions to improve your self-care routine as you navigate through the separation process

  • Provide hope for next steps as you consider the next stages of your life


Proactively seeking separation therapy or post-divorce counseling can help you come out stronger on the other side of divorce or separation. At Insight & Action Therapy, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to growth. With this in mind, we provide tailored treatment plans and support crafted with your individual experiences and specific needs in mind. Furthermore, we specialize in providing divorce support for all types of couples, including LGBTQIA+ couples. 

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Signs You Might Benefit from Divorce Therapy

As you navigate through a separation, you may notice some common signs and indicators that suggest you may benefit from seeing a divorce counselor. First and foremost, it’s important to pay attention to changes in your physical health and wellness. 

Stress can manifest differently in every person, leading to physical symptoms that interfere with your quality of life. Some signs of physical stress include aches, pains, muscle tension, high blood pressure, exhaustion, irritability, and a weakened immune system.

In addition to physical signs of stress, the symptoms of emotional stress are often easier to identify. Some emotional signs you might benefit from seeing a divorce therapist include:

  • Ongoing sadness or poor mood

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Loss of interest in activities and hobbies

  • Feeling hopeless or depressed

  • Thoughts of death or suicide

  • Low energy or trouble making decisions

  • Changes in appetite

  • Trouble continuing with activities of daily living, such as going to work or school


Insight & Action Therapy’s divorce counseling in New York focuses on recognizing these signs and indicators in individuals going through separation. Beyond our expertise as qualified professionals, we focus on compassionate listening and creating a supportive environment for separation counseling. 

Our team of divorce therapists in NYC creates a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can learn and grow, helping to support you through the most difficult parts of your separation.

Therapist-Guided Support Through Separation or Divorce

Contemplating Divorce
It can be difficult to manage emotions when contemplating separation and considering alternative options. Insight & Action Therapy offers guidance for those considering divorce and can help you to evaluate your relationship. 

Our individual therapy for divorce offers a supportive environment to explore your feelings, fears, and concerns. We help you weigh the pros and cons of divorce to help you make the best decision for your personal well-being. Our divorce counselors can also help you navigate any feelings of guilt or shame you may feel, as well as establish healthy boundaries in your relationship.

Going Through a Divorce
Divorce counseling can be especially helpful while going through the divorce process, helping you navigate the emotional, legal, and practical challenges that arise. Insight & Action Therapy offers ongoing emotional support to help you manage your emotions such as grief, anger, or anxiety. In addition, your divorce therapist will teach you coping strategies to help you better manage stress and anxiety and foster resilience. 
As you go through a divorce, we’ll also help you:

  • Manage normal emotions of grief and loss associated with your separation

  • Explore your identity to foster a sense of self-worth and personal growth

  • Help parents navigate parenting while going through a divorce

  • Set realistic goals for the future (after divorce)

  • Build a strong support network with friends and family

  • Manage stress from the legal and financial implications of divorce

Post-Divorce Adjustment
Insight & Action Therapy also is here to help support and guide you after a separation or divorce has already occurred. Our post-divorce counseling supports you in rebuilding self-esteem and self-worth after divorce and navigating new relationships you form. 

Therapy after divorce can also help parents navigate the challenges that come with divorce and find closure and acceptance when ending a relationship. It is our goal to help support you in creating a fulfilling and purposeful post-divorce life.

NYC Divorce Therapy & Counseling Options

In-Person Divorce Therapy Near You
Insight & Action Therapy offers in-person counseling for divorce at our NYC office. Our office creates a controlled and confidential space where you can develop a connection with your divorce therapist. Structured, in-person sessions also allow for immediate feedback and support as you navigate through a separation. 

Online Divorce Counseling Options
Busy schedules and geographical barriers can make attending in-person divorce therapy a challenge for some. As such, Insight & Action Therapy offers flexible online divorce counseling for convenience and accessibility. These sessions give you the privacy to seek therapy for divorce in the comfort of your own home. 

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Request an Appointment

Are you ready to seek divorce counseling in New York? Insight & Action Therapy is here to help guide you with a blend of expertise and empathy to support you through your separation. 

To get started on your journey, request an appointment online or contact us to schedule a consultation. We offer flexible options designed to meet your busy schedule, including online divorce counseling and in-person therapy sessions.

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