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Senior Staff Therapist (she/her/hers)


Preet is a mental health counselor in New York State. She provides psychotherapy to adults and couples. 


Preet strives to meet her clients with compassion and openness, to accept them as they are, and to develop authentic self-expression by offering a safe, sacred and non judgmental space with the intent of providing deeper awareness as well as enabling growth.


Preet received her Master's degree in Applied Psychology from New York University, she is an alumna of The New School, and she completed her counseling internship at Berkeley College in Manhattan. Having lived in different countries and worked at varied mental health settings with people from diverse age groups and socio-cultural backgrounds, she has experience and training in managing behavioural and mental health issues by understanding the individual-contextual factors of the "self."


Preet's work is informed by a psychodynamic and relationally-based approach. She embraces holistic psychotherapy that integrates the mind, emotions, body, and spirit in an effort to understand and integrate the "whole self." She will work in collaboration with you to recognise the core issues, emotional blocks, patterns, and beliefs that may be keeping you from living your true life.


Her specialties include life transitions, stress management, depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, self-esteem issues, dating/relationship issues, family conflicts, and work/career related concerns.


"Preet is so caring and insightful, she's really good at her job. She challenges me to do the work, and grow through the process of therapy. I'm so grateful to Preet for her compassion and professionalism, she genuinely cares about you and your mental health. I feel I've made so much progress, working with her has been so meaningful and transformative."

(347) 327 - 3698

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