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Staff Therapist (he/they)


Johnny Hamilton is a Staff Therapist at Insight & Action Therapy. Informed by his experience as a queer person, Johnny recognizes the necessity of approaching counseling through an intersectional, antiracist lens. He believes that each individual is unique, complex, and benefits from a holistic, person-centered therapeutic style.


Johnny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Film Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a Master of Education degree in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College. While obtaining his master’s degree, Johnny worked as a counseling trainee in the Counseling & Wellness Center at St. Joseph’s University and as an Advanced Clinical Intern at Insight & Action Therapy. He has also dedicated time volunteering at a shelter for unhoused families and at soup kitchens, including New Alternatives for LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth.


Johnny’s approach to counseling is driven by his belief that each person’s life experience contributes to a personal and powerful story. Through conversation and active listening, Johnny guides clients through the process of uncovering pieces of their story to see how they fit together. He is cognizant of external factors that influence life experiences and therefore applies a feminist, multicultural perspective to his therapeutic practice.


Johnny’s priority is to create a safe, reflective counseling space in which both client and counselor feel comfortable bringing forth their authentic selves. He integrates elements of CBT, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing into his counseling process while also embracing the healing power of humor. Johnny engages the client at their own pace and is prepared to accompany them at any stage in their mental health journey.

Tuesday, May 9

Israel Daylight Time (GMT +3) 

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