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Advanced Clinical Intern (she/her)

Shannon Schureman.jpeg

Shannon Schureman is pursuing a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at CUNY Hunter College. As an integral part of her graduate studies, she will be completing fieldwork as an Advanced Clinical Intern therapist at Insight & Action Therapy.  Formerly a photojournalist, Shannon seeks to empower people to tell their stories, eager to understand the context of their reality.  This interest in other people’s narratives lends itself to thoughtful curiosity and a distinct sense of empathy, both of which have contributed to Shannon’s desire to pursue a degree in mental health counseling.   


Further pointing her in the direction of the mental health field is her lived experience with chronic illness.  Living with a disability has layers that entail complex social and emotional implications.  Shannon understands these impacts firsthand and can support clients in navigating ongoing and dynamic adjustments such as these.  Additionally, she has rooted interests in issues related to reproductive health, body image and substance use, working with individuals and couples across the lifespan.


Shannon’s approach is psychodynamic with a humanistic and existential framework, prepared to explore the nature of grief, isolation, creativity and love.  She is attentive to the thought patterns that arise amidst the seemingly small stuff to life’s more profound struggles. She also emphasizes mindfulness and motivational interviewing as a modality for fostering self-awareness and self-determination.  


Throughout the therapeutic process, Shannon is devoted to multicultural awareness and advocacy while centralizing the experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ identified folks, persons with disabilities, and neurodiverse communities.  She creates an informed and affirming environment that deepens a feeling of safety and unconditional acceptance.  Her warmth and transparency inspire close collaboration for meaningful personal development.


"I also just want to say how incredible my time with Shannon has been.  Therapy is even more rewarding than I imagined.  I've literally been telling everyone as if I discovered The Beatles."

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