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In-Person Therapy in NYC

Insight & Action Therapy offers both online and in-person therapy in NYC that helps individuals address a range of mental health needs. There are multiple benefits to in-person therapy, also known as traditional therapy, that some people may find valuable. 


Our counselors are available for in-person appointments throughout the week at our office near Grand Central Station for your convenience.


Our Approach

Each of our therapists takes a unique approach to therapy, with the common overall goal of helping individuals live happier, healthier lives.


Learn more about each of our therapists to discover their approaches to mental healthcare.

Our Specialties

Our licensed and limited-permit therapists in New York City have multiple areas of expertise that allow us to help individuals across all racial, gender, age, and sexual identities. Here are just a few of our areas of focus.

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LGBTQIA-Related Issues


Members of the LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual+) community face unique challenges and issues relating to their identities. Some of the factors influencing these challenges include:

  • Individual identity

  • Cultural context

  • Geographical location

  • Religious background

Identities within this community are diverse. Not everyone within the LGBTQIA+ community will experience the same challenges or types of discrimination. Our NYC therapists can help you navigate some of the most common factors affecting the community, including coming out, familial rejection, legal issues, and beyond, along with issues specific to you, your experiences, and your identity.

Our services provide therapy in Manhattan and other areas of New York City for the LGBTQIA+ community. We do this by creating an affirming, non-judgmental environment that provides support and cultural context for you to explore and navigate your identity.

Family Dispute

Family and Relationships


People often seek therapy as a way to navigate conflict in their relationships and with their families. These problems can come from many different sources, including communication problems, conflict resolution issues, trust issues, affairs, infidelity, differences in parenting styles, life transitions, and more.

Through in-person therapy, we can help you to change the dynamics with different methods, including:

  • Identifying patterns of behavior

  • Exploring individual and shared goals

  • Developing healthy boundaries and expectations

  • Improving emotional intelligence

  • Providing psychoeducation

  • Supporting individual growth

Image by Anthony Tran

Depression and Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are common, but they can also show up in intricate and personal ways that vary greatly from person to person. However, it’s important to remember ultimately that these are medical conditions—not just feelings. They are serious concerns that need to be treated like any other illness.

Fortunately, both anxiety and depression are treatable, especially once you acknowledge your symptoms and start seeking help.

At Insight & Action Therapy, our therapists can collaborate with you to explore the origins and triggers of your depression or anxiety. Then, once we’ve figured out where it stems from, we can help you to create meaningful action.


For some people, that includes fostering an increase in self-awareness and mindfulness to interrupt negative patterns. From there, you’ll be more empowered to replace them with healthy and restorative alternatives.

If you think you may hurt yourself, call your local emergency number or 911. US residents can also call or text 988 at any time, 24/7, to reach the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Image by Ben White

Grief and Bereavement


Our therapists in New York City know that each person’s journey with grief and bereavement is unique. They are familiar with the processes people use to grieve the loss of a loved one. They also know there’s not a set timeline or “right” or “wrong” way to cope with that loss.

At Insight & Action Therapy, we provide tailored, individualized approaches to helping people process their grief. Our counseling services provide one way to care for yourself during this journey within a safe, nurturing space where you’re allowed to express your emotions and move through your grief at your own pace.


Infertility and Pregnancy


Infertility can be a result of various factors and is a challenging, emotionally charged experience for individuals, partners, and couples. Both infertility and pregnancy come with their own sets of complex emotions that can evolve over time.

At Insight & Action Therapy, we help individuals and romantic partners navigate the challenges associated with both infertility and pregnancy. Our counseling services provide you with the space you need to navigate your emotions and reactions around your family planning needs, including coping with pregnancy loss.

Looking for In-Person Therapy in NYC?

We offer online and in-person therapy for Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island residents and beyond. Book an appointment with us today to find a therapist who can help you navigate life’s challenges.

Benefits of In-Person Therapy at Insight & Action

Some people prefer in-person therapy, while other individuals may find online therapy more suitable or convenient. While the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and accessibility, there are some benefits that in-person therapy can offer.

Non-Verbal Communication

During in-person sessions, therapists can observe and interpret non-verbal cues like body language, energy levels, and gestures. This provides additional insight into a client’s emotions and experiences, enhancing the therapeutic process.

Physical Environment

The therapist’s office creates a controlled and confidential space, promoting feelings of security and confidentiality. This dedicated environment can help individuals feel more comfortable discussing sensitive or challenging topics.

Personal Connection

In-person therapy allows for personal and immediate connections between the therapist and the client. The physical presence of the therapist can create a sense of comfort, safety, and support that may be different from virtual interactions.

Structured Sessions

In-person therapy sessions often follow a structured format, helping to create a routine and sense of predictability for clients. This can contribute to the effectiveness of the therapeutic process.

Real-Time Feedback

Therapists can provide immediate feedback and support during in-person sessions. This can be particularly beneficial in moments of distress or crisis, allowing for more timely intervention and assistance.

Reduced Technological Barriers

Some individuals prefer in-person therapy due to concerns about technology-related issues, such as poor internet connection, privacy concerns, or a lack of comfort with virtual platforms.

Start In-Person Therapy in NYC

Our therapists are here to help you get the most out of your mental health, regardless of your life situation. Book an in-person appointment through our website to learn more about how we can help.

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