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Meet Our Therapists

Choose Insight and Action Therapy for a therapeutic experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our psychotherapists are ready to guide you towards a life filled with insight, empowerment, and meaningful action.


Mia Ruth, LMHC

Clinical Director, Supervisor

Preet Chowdhary LMHC 2.jpeg

Preet Chowdhary, LMHC

Senior Therapist


Joseline Marin Chacon, MHC-LP

Staff Therapist


Coco Caron-Delas, MHC-LP

Staff Therapist


Johnny Hamilton, MHC-LP

Staff Therapist

Shannon Schureman.jpeg

Shannon Schureman, MSEd

Staff Therapist

Why Choose Insight & Action Therapy?

We know you have choices and we appreciate you considering us. Choosing Insight & Action Therapy means selecting a partner on your unique journey to well-being. Here's why our practice stands out:

Tailored Transformation

We believe in personalized growth. Our therapists craft individualized experiences, addressing your specific needs and aspirations. Your journey is yours alone, and we are here to guide you through it.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Your comfort is paramount. Insight & Action Therapy fosters a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings openly. Trust is the foundation of our therapeutic relationships.

Diverse Perspectives, Inclusive Care

We celebrate diversity. Our team recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each individual. Our therapists are dedicated to providing inclusive and affirming care for everyone.

Holistic Approach

Insight & Action Therapy embraces a holistic perspective on mental well-being. We consider all aspects of your life, ensuring that our support extends beyond the therapy room and aligns with your broader goals.

Expertise and Empathy

Our therapists are not just qualified professionals; they are compassionate listeners and skilled guides. We blend expertise with empathy, creating a supportive space where you can explore, understand, and transform.

Quality Control

We are committed to finding you the right fit in a therapist. We are here for you at any point to discuss aspects of your care and make any necessary changes.


"As someone who hasn't had great experiences in therapy, I was nervous to try again. I felt comfortable with Mia right away. She listens closely and seems to be genuinely interested in what I say. Her comments are kind and helpful and I can tell she understands me. For the first time, therapy is something that really feels like a good use of my time."

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