Insight and Action Therapy is a Mental Health Counseling practice in New York City. We provide psychotherapy services to adolescents, adults, and couples from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Approach 


Our therapists utilize integrative therapeutic approaches which include traditional and evidence-based treatment methods. This integration allows us to develop individualized treatment plans rooted in our clients’ unique goals and needs.



We work with clients who have a variety of concerns, including: Depression, Anxiety, Self acceptance, Adolescent/early adulthood struggles, Phase of life problems, LGBTQ concerns, and Relationship problems (including polyamorous and other non-monogamous configurations)

Insight & Action Therapy
Insight and Action Therapy is a group practice serving adults and couples in the New York City area. We are a diverse group of therapists, each with their own unique identities, experiences, and specialties, including anxiety, depression, LGBTQ concerns, racial and cultural identity concerns, trauma, and more. 
More about Us
Address:      353 Lexington Avenue, Suite 302
                     New York, NY 10016
Tel:               (347) 327 - 3698
Email:          info@insightandactiontherapy.com