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Family Therapy & Counseling in NYC


Regular conflict within families can wreak havoc on the emotional health and well-being of every individual involved, leading to stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, isolation, and other symptoms of emotional stress.

Insight & Action Therapy offers family therapy in NYC that helps families build stronger bonds, improve communication, and foster healthier family relationships and home environments. Seeking help from our experienced psychotherapists can help restore structure to your family and improve your connection.​

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Signs Your Family May Need Therapy

Interactions and relationships between families are complex, which can make it difficult to know when it’s time to seek help from a family therapist in NYC. Asking for help in itself is challenging, but Insight & Action Therapy is here to provide support. 
While some level of conflict and disagreement within families is normal, chronic arguments can wreak havoc on the mental health and well-being of everyone in a family. Seeking professional family psychotherapy can be beneficial in helping your family learn better ways to address conflicts and practice effective communication skills. These signs may indicate it’s time for help from a therapist for family issues:

  • Frequent yelling, arguments, emotional interactions, or fights

  • Issues communicating or frequent misunderstandings

  • Major life changes or traumatic events

  • Dishonesty or lying

  • Trouble parenting or disagreements in parenting styles

  • Loss of a parent, loved one, or child

  • Avoidance 

  • Substance abuse issues

  • Withdrawal from family events or activities 

Common Family Issues Addressed in Therapy


Every family is unique and can experience different forms of family issues. Insight & Action Therapy specializes in New York family therapy that is personalized to each family’s needs. Some examples of issues that can be addressed in family conflict resolution counseling include:

  • Communication issues: Poor communication within families can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and conflict. Our family therapy in NYC can help you learn to better communicate as a family and learn to better address conflict.  

  • Parenting styles: Families with different parenting styles may disagree on how to raise children, causing conflict within families.

  • Sibling rivalry: Family therapy conflict resolution can address sibling conflicts that arise from competition for attention, resources, or perceived unequal treatment. These conflicts can range in severity. 

  • Financial strain: Financial challenges, such as budgeting issues, debts, or disagreements on spending priorities, can lead to conflicts within a family.

  • In-law relationships: Conflicts may arise between spouses or other family members and their in-laws. Differences in values, expectations, or boundary issues can contribute to these conflicts.

  • Cultural or generational differences: Varied cultural backgrounds or differences in generational perspectives can lead to conflicts, especially when traditional values clash with modern expectations.

  • Marital conflicts: Conflicts between spouses can have a significant impact on the entire family. These conflicts may stem from issues such as communication breakdowns, intimacy issues, or differences in priorities.

  • Extended family dynamics: Conflicts involving extended family members, such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles, can arise due to differing opinions, lifestyle choices, or past grievances.

  • Role expectations: Unspoken or conflicting expectations about roles and responsibilities within the family, including gender and generational roles, can lead to tension.

  • Addiction or substance abuse: Family conflicts may arise when dealing with issues related to addiction or substance abuse, impacting the well-being of the individual and the family as a whole.

  • Mental health challenges: The presence of mental health issues within a family can contribute to conflicts, especially if there is a lack of understanding or support.

  • Divorce and blended families: Conflicts can emerge from divorce and the challenges of blended families, such as step-parenting, adjusting to new family structures, and navigating complex relationships.
    Health issues: Family conflicts may arise when dealing with the impact of chronic illnesses, disabilities, or other health-related challenges.

  • Educational and career choices: Differences in educational or career choices among family members can lead to conflicts, especially when expectations and aspirations diverge.
    Religious differences: Conflicts related to differing religious beliefs or levels of religious observance can create tension within a family.

  • LGBTQIA+ family dynamics: LGBTQIA+ family dynamics, including acceptance, identity exploration, and support, can be addressed and improved through family therapy. Insight & Action Therapy specializes in family therapy for LGBTQ families.


The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy in NYC offers a way for your family to safely express and explore emotions, improve communication, and work towards resolution. Insight & Action Therapy specializes in helping families learn healthy coping strategies to improve family interactions. 

In addition, family therapy helps mitigate the emotional impact of family conflict and fosters more positive relationships within families. Below are just a few of the tools and strategies that your family will learn in family therapy:

Improved Communication
Effective communication skills are essential in reducing misunderstandings within families. Attending New York family therapy sessions helps identify established patterns of communication and teach family members more practical ways to interact with one another. 

Strengthen Family Bonds
Family bonds are unlike any other, and we believe they deserve to be cherished. Through our hands-on family therapy, families can build strong emotional connections and create a deeper sense of unity with each other. Family therapy can bring families together as a team again and help each member of the family learn to better understand each other’s emotions. 

Effective Conflict Resolution
Too many conflicts and disagreements can cause an unstable and stressful home environment. Family therapy seeks to identify the root cause of conflict and teach family members constructive ways to resolve conflicts and de-escalate arguments.

Respected Boundaries
During family therapy sessions, your psychotherapist will guide your family in establishing and respecting healthy boundaries. Creating roles and setting boundaries can help improve family interactions and allow for responsibility, privacy, and individuality. 

NYC Family Therapy Options

In-Person Family Therapy Near You

We offer in-person family therapy sessions in NYC in a supportive, structured environment. In-person sessions allow our therapists to get to know your family and build trust.

Online Family Therapy

Aligning your entire family’s schedule for an in-person visit is not always possible. Our online family therapy sessions make it easy to get family therapy help from anywhere and work around busy schedules. 

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Request an Appointment

Asking for help to improve your family dynamics does not mean your family is broken. Whether you need family conflict resolution counseling or support in managing other common family issues, Insight & Action Therapy is here to help. 

Our team of experienced and supportive psychotherapists creates a judgment-free, supportive environment that encourages your family to thrive. Request an appointment online today to begin your family’s journey.

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